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Q: How much are your puppies?

A: They are $1700 with Limited AKC registration (spay/neuter contract) unless otherwise noted ($500 non-refundable deposit, remainder due at pick up.) Full AKC is available for *very select* people to show/breeding homes, please contact me for price and information if you are looking for that. Please keep in mind I will ask for show/breeding experience or any mentors you work with if you are looking into Full AKC registration. I also am quite picky with placing Full AKC pups so there are extra steps and questions I will have.

Q: Why have you raised you prices?

A: I have adjusted my price reflecting the price increase at my vet and the feed prices. Unfortunately all my supplies have gone up and I have waited and held off adjusting their price until now.

Q: Do you ship?

A: Yes, but we prefer to meet our puppy parents in person. We are willing to meet at the local Lewiston ID airport with your puppy so we can meet you and talk a while to answer any questions you may have. Shipping is extra and if you do want to travel in cabin, we will ask you pay the extra amount for the required Health Certificate for travel.

We also work with a Puppy Flight Nanny from time to time and if you prefer that route, please pm me for information and her rates.

Q: Do you require a contract for each sale?

A: Yes, each puppy requires two contracts signed. First is the Deposit Contract and the second is the Puppy Contract. 

Q: Why are they so expensive? I just want a pet, I'm not planning on breeding nor am I interested in showing.

A: There are a few answers to this. First, all my puppies take the same amount of time and energy to make sure they are happy, healthy, and well socialized. That's why I do not price females higher or more for certain colors. All my dogs are AKC registerable and tested for usual genetic disorders associated with Pembroke Welsh Corgis. I have taken the time to make sure my pairings will not only produce genetically healthy puppies, but puppies with sound temperaments and nice structure. 

Second, there are people out there that take puppies only to "flip" them for a higher price. This is unacceptable. This price deters people that are not serious in keeping the puppy for its lifetime. This is also why I have an extensive Puppy Contract signed for each sale.


Q: What do your puppies come with?

A: They will come with AKC registration papers, dewormed at 2 weeks and every 2 weeks until they go home, dew claws removed, tails docked, first vet wellness check up where they will receive first set of vaccines, health file with their weight charts, health record, and test results for DM (unless Clear by parentage), at least a two year genetic health guarantee, a baggy of their current puppy food, and puppy pack with bowl, collar, and blanket, and LIFETIME breeder support. They will also be socialized with other dogs, children and pre-spoiled before coming home to you. They are raised in my home and handled on a daily basis.

We partner with Trupanion and offer a code to receive 30 free insurance coverage when you call and activate it within their window of activation.

Q: Can you provide proof that you have done genetic testing for DM, vWD, PRA, and EIC? Can you send me pedigrees on the parents?

A: Yes, if you would like to see any of the test results on any of my dogs in the breeding program, please contact me and I will be happy to send you copies of the results from Gensol Diagnostics/Embark and the AKC  pedigree I have on each of my dogs.

Q: Do you have a waiting list for your upcoming litters?

A: Yes. If you would like to be added to it, please see my Forms section to get further details.



Q: Do you take deposits before whelping a litter?

A: No, deposits are only taken after the litter is whelped and I can see all the puppies are thriving. Too many things can happen (failure to conceive, miscarriage, Fading Puppy Syndrome, etc.) for me to be willing to take contracts before I can guarantee a puppy can go home to you. I feel this way works best for me and my puppies and I have not had any issues finding wonderful forever homes for my babies with this process.


Q: I filled out and sent back the questions, does that guarantee I get a puppy from you?

Simple answer, no. I place puppies with homes based on these questionnaires and if I feel a certain puppy will be a good fit. There will be some puppies who have personalities that will need a more experienced home and more naturally laid back pups. If I don't contact you right away after I have a litter, please feel free to reach out and ask if I think I will have a puppy that will be a good fit. Staying in contact with me also shows you are serious about bringing home one of my puppies and the commitment that goes along with them. Since I do not take any money for my contact list, I do take off names of people who have not contacted me about a puppy for several months unless they reach out. If I have taken your name off my list, you will have to resubmit the questions. 

Q: Can I come by and visit your puppies just to see them before they are ready to go home?

A: In general, I do not allow in home visits before puppies are ready to go. There are a couple reasons for this. First is, I know of a few breeders who have lost entire litters from Parvo that was tracked into their facilities by visitors before puppies were vaccinated. Not only is this a tragedy, but I feel this is easily avoided. We can and do supply almost daily updates of our puppies from pictures, movies, and written updates. I do this so my puppy parents get the next best thing to visits and my puppies are kept protected.

The other reason is, as stated before, my puppies are literally raised in my home, where I also raise and home school my 6 children. This being said, I feel it is for not only my dogs' but my children's safety that I do not have a constant stream of strangers come into my home. I usually will meet people outside under our covered carport for the same reasons. 

Q: Do you stud your males out?

Yes, we have two males, one right now of age who we stud out either with side to side AI or shipped. Please message me for further information on his health clearances, pictures, etc.

Q: Do you have a Facebook page?


You can check out all the pictures of my dogs and their daily life and look at my past litters. :)

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