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About Us

Hi I'm Mary and I'm the Alpha of our pack! I work from my home so all our dogs have run of the house and our two acre property and are part of the family first and foremost. Since they are our pets first, even temperaments are a must for our dogs. They all get along with my children, our other animals, and each other. We train them early and keep them socialized. We breed for a certain temperament which I am pleased to say has brought us the best friends for the kids. Truly amazing to have these great family dogs. They are naturally herding inclined, but not aggressive or too stubborn to take directions.

Formerly known as Colton Corgis, 2023 I chose a name that had more meaning and quite honestly, I actually liked. Arrowleaf Corgis is our new name, but we still value our original goals.

I believe in quality over quantity--with that being said, we only produce litters a few times a year. I like having homes already lined up before planning a litter so I can give my puppies the best chance at a happy life.  Each of our dogs have been socialized well with children, adults, and other dogs. We have 6 kids from 14 years old to a year old and they spend their time around all our dogs. 

I do show my dogs, but since I have young children in the home whom I homeschool along with owning and operating a small business, the show circuit is not my number one priority. I do select my dogs based on the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Breed Standard ( To that end, I do not breed purposefully for fluffies or mismarks and never cross breed (or ever have bred mixes) to produce merles or designer dogs. 


When the kids are older and I slow my business time, showing may be a more frequent activity for me. My breeding/show mentors have both been to Westminster three times so far and placed every time in their breed. One day I hope to follow in her footsteps in PWC. For the time being, my dogs go to a few shows a year with their show team and we work with our corgis on herding our fowl and sheep flocks.

I work closely with a vet who specializes in Canine Reproduction and have an awesome support system with our general care vets and vet techs for our dogs and puppies. I also have a large network of seasoned breeders and rely on their experience and advice with issues I have never encountered. We strive to not only produce well socialized dogs, but genetically healthy dogs. We have tested each corgi in our breeding program for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), Von Willebrand's Disease (vWD), Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), and Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC) and we are pleased to announce that we will never produce puppies At Risk/Affected for  these terrible diseases. 

I do test individual puppies for DM if a Carrier and Clear are bred together and those results are included in the puppy's health file.

Below is a chart for breeding and what each combination would produce.

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